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community_start_clubDid you know that being part of a group that meets regularly can make you just as happy as doubling your income would? Connect with the Thirdwind community, or create your own local club.

Ignite Your True Purpose and Passion!

Organize an event in your business, your community, or just amongst friends.

At your workplace:

Give yourself to your higher purpose. Every Sunday figure out one change that you can make the following week to improve your work environment. Define your legacy, and take a step each day to achieve it. If you can extend the good things you do to have a positive rippling effect on others, you are beginning to form your legacy.

In your community:

In turbulent times, more people are taking a step back and wondering if we have been defining success far too narrowly for far too long. Organize a community meetup to discuss or just meet new friends.

Amongst friends:

Have you heard that people who engage in meaningful conversations are happier than those who don’t? Host a “deep thoughts” night and create a happy cocktail!

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About Thirdwind

Thirdwind is an interactive community dedicated to empowering people to achieve "true" success by realizing both their professional goals and personal dreams. We believe the key to attaining "true" success is achieving the delicate balance between making money and making meaning.

With 12 principles for achieving "true" success you will get the support you need to ignite your true purpose and passion. Seize this opportunity to become an entrepreneur of your existence!

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